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Kenny and Carroll



In Ireland, about 1849, Mrs. Charles CARROLL, the sister of Catherine (GUINAN) Kenny's helped Catherine's husband, John, with their five children after Catherin died. Mrs. Carroll kept four of the children while John and his son, Thomas, went to the USA about 1853. She probably had some of the children until 1856 when the two youngest sailed to the USA to be with their father and siblings.

Mrs. Charles CARROLL's children were older than Catherine and John's. She had three children: Mary, Michael and Patrick. They were said to be the first of our relatives to come to the USA. They left Ireland about 2-3 years before John and Thomas. It is told by the family that Mary married a John LARKIN. I found a ship's record for the Monapia which sailed June 1851, from Wexford to NYC, shere a Patrick Larkin, a 20 year old male laborer, and Mary Carroll, an 18 year old spinster, were listed together as passengers. This coincides with family history which says they came to the USA as much as 2 years before John and Thomas, and the ages would be about right. Mary and Mr. Larkin married and started a boarding house or hotel in New York. Mrs. Carroll's sons also came to the USA. We don't know about their location until later.

John and Thomas arrived in New York in 1853. It is believed they stayed with Mary (Carroll) LARKIN and her husband for a few days or possibly a year before John and Thomas left for Ohio. We have no further history on Mary (Carroll) Larkin.

Family history says Michael and Patrick Carroll went to Leavenworth, Kansas before 1863 to work as teamsters on the Santa Fe Trail. There is a Patrick Carroll in the 1859, Leavenworth, Kansas City Directory listed as a laborer, residing at Decota near Seventh. There are a James and Thomas Carroll boarding at or near the same residence. There are also Dennis, Edward Henry and Hugh Carroll's in the town at that time. There is a Pat. Carroll listed in 1860 at another residence and as a Porter for T.Carney and Co. and other Carroll's but not Michael. In the 1862 Leavenworth City Directory, There are both a Michael and a Patrick Carroll listed as teamsters. They reside near each other but perhaps on opposite sides of the street. In 1863 Michael was listed as a government teamster and in 1865 as a government wagonmaster. Patrick is also listed in 1865. In 1866, M. Carroll is listed as a wagon master, but Patrick is no longer listed. In 1868, Patrick shows up again in same residence as in 1865, but Michael is gone.
In 1870, a Patrick was found as a laborer in the same residence as in 1865 and 1868. There is no Michael Carroll. In 1871, Patrick Carroll is listed as a farmer residence Five Mile Bridge, Mills' Addition.

In the Laramie Ft. Sanders Area, Albany County, Wyoming, 1870 Census I found a Michael Carroll 35, wagon master. born in Ireland and foreign parents. His valuation was $2000 in personal property. With him was Mary Ann 32 years old keeping house born in Kansas with foreign born parents, Maggie 10 years old born in Kansas, Elizabeth, 8 years old born in Kansas, Therissa 5 years old born in Kansas and Adline 2/12 born in Wyoming. (m 593, roll 1748, page 370.) This would appear to be about the correct age for the brother of Mary (Carroll) Larkin. Michael is no longer listed at Leavenworth in 1870. There was a Mrs. Margaret Carroll listed in Leavenworth starting in 1862, however, she is still listed in Leavenworth in 1870 as a widow.

The Kenny/McKenny brothers went to Leavenworth, Kansas in 1863 to work as teamsters to make money for their farm land. They were not listed, but perhaps they resided with their cousins only temporarily as they got jobs on the trails.