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Kenny and Catherine A. Coffey

Near Athlone on the shores of the Shannon River


Early 1800's


"Not far from Athlone in 1816 grandfather (John Kenny) was born in a dwelling that overlooked the River Shannon." John was the only child of Patrick Kenny and Catherine (Coffey) Kenny.

Other family lines call John's father Andrew. The Kenny family passed down names very regularly. and Thomas Andrew, John Francis, and Kieran Francis, are among the most frequently seen. John, the son, named one of his son's Thomas Andrew and the other John Francis. However, there may have been a son who died in Ireland whose name we don't know.

John married Catherine A. Guinan when he was about 19 years old. They remained in the area, as their three youngest children were baptized in Cloghen,
Banagher Catholic Parish, Co. Offaly, Ireland.