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John Kenny and Catherine A. Guinan

Co. Offaly, Ireland



John Kenny (b. abt 1813-1816) married Catherine A. Guinan when he was about 19 years old. We believe Catherine was one year younger. John and Catherine had 5 or 6 children. It is possible that one son died in Ireland. Of their 5 living children, Bridget was born in 1836, Mary Ellen was born in 1838, Thomas A. was born in 1840, Kieran was born in 1842 and Catherine was born in 1844. The youngest children were baptised in Cloghen, Banagher Catholic Parish, Co. Offaly, Ireland.

It is said that the family was planning to move to the USA when Catherine became ill and died. She died when her youngest child was 5 years old, thus in 1849. It is believed that Catherine died of tuberculosis.

After Catherine's death, her sister, Mrs. Charles Carroll helped John with the children. When John decided to go to the USA, Mrs. Charles Carroll kept four of the children while John and Thomas A.
left for the USA. Mrs. Carroll's three children preceded John and Thomas A. to the USA by about two years. Mary Carroll, the daughter married a John or Patrick Larkin. They ran a hotel in New York where John and Thomas stayed for a while when they first arrived. Mrs. Charles Carroll's two sone's Michael and Patrick also preceded John and Thomas to the USA.